Buy Mac Pro Cheese Grater Case for Hackintosh

Dune Pro is a PC case that’s engineered for a range of industry standard parts. It was designed to give you the flexibility and freedom to customize configurations.

Why Should Macs have all the fun?


Apple’s new MacPro’s are heavily Customizeable but why should Macs have all the beauty, Here comes dune pro case for Hackintosh and Pcs.

You can simply purchase a DuneCase from Amazon in coming days also your can Back It up on Indiegogo

Features of DuneCase


Crafted with precision high grade aluminum and sandblasted with fine beads with a near perfect anodised surface. The enclosure has been constructed with precision high grade aluminum that is 3mm thick. 


The multipurpose high quality stainless steel frame is not only the foundation but also the handle and feet. The frame also gives you 360 access to the case.

Top Panel

Dune Pro includes 2 x USB 3.1 type C connectors on the top of the enclosure gives you quick access to your peripherals. 


Everyone may have a different purpose using a computer and choosing the right motherboard is important. From Mini ITX, ATX, mATX, EATX, or EEB motherboards DuneCase support the latest motherboard standards.


Engineered to fit the latest Nvidia RTX 2080 TI or Quadro RTX 8000 and AMD Radeon VII.


Designed to use 120mm, 240mm or 360mm AIO radiator with fans.


Equipped with 7 PCI Slots, 3 x HDD enclosures, 5 SSD Trays, Motherboard Extender and more.


DuneCase support industry standard parts. From the latest motherboard to graphics cards, Dune Pro gives you the freedom to choose the parts for your needs. If you need to upgrade at a later date, Dune Pro is future proof allowing you to change at any time.

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